Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Resources

This page will be constantly updated – please check it frequently! Scroll down past the updates for helpful resources that families can use.

This is an uncertain and difficult time for many, and PAVE wants to hear how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting you and your family.

Este es un tiempo incierto y difícil para muchos, y PAVE quiere saber cómo el Coronavirus (COVID-19) está impactándolo a usted y su familia.



From the Mayor & DC Council


PAVE Meeting Updates

  • 3/12 Ward 7 PLE Board, 3/16 Ward 1 PLE Board, 3/17 La reunión de Mesa Directiva de Padres Latinos, 3/19 Special Education PLE Board, and 3/21 Ward 4 PLE Board meetings were all held this month via Zoom! Thank you to our parent leaders for never skipping a beat in the advocacy for ALL children!
  • ALL April PLE Board Meetings (Wards 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and citywide) will also be held via Zoom. The organizing team will follow up with details!
  • Beginning 3/25: 19 Metro stations will close.
  • Beginning 3/16: Metro operating on a reduced schedule.
  • 3/16-4/27: All Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) facilities will be closed.
  • 3/16-4/27: DC government will operate under an agency-specific telework schedule, with the intent to continue to deliver essential services and to keep critical systems and services operating.
  • 3/16-4/27: DC Public Libraries are closed.
  • Mayor Bowser has encouraged public charter schools and daycare facilities to close on the same schedule as DCPS.
  • 3/13 as of 8:00 am, DCPS schools will be CLOSED:
    • March 17-23 for Spring Break
    • March 24-31 Distance Learning begins
      • For information on DCPS Distance Learning:
      • DCPS prepared printed packets of learning materials for every grade level from Pre-K through 8th grade and each graduation requirement course for 9-12th grade. These activities will continue classroom learning at home and engage students during a period of school closure. These materials were designed to meet the needs of all students including English Learners and students with special needs. DCPS families can pick up hardcopies of distance learning printed materials at their school on the following days between 8:30 am and 2 pm: Thursday, March 19; Friday, March 20; and Monday, March 23. Due to the extended school closure timeline, we will also have a second round of packet pick-up days on March 31 and April 1 to support your child’s learning through April 24. More information will be shared at a later date.

        Instructional materials will be available online starting Friday, March 20.

    • Schools reopen Monday, April 27
    • The finder includes all school sites serving meals to ALL STUDENTS, including both DCPS and public charter school sites. Families needing meals for their students may pick them up at any of these locations regardless of the school they attend.
  • 3/11 as of 10:30 am: DCPS schools will be CLOSED on Monday, March 16 and OPEN on Friday, March 13.
    • DCPS schools were originally set to be closed on Friday and open on Monday.
    • From DCPS: “Instructional contingency plans are underway that will allow meaningful, relevant learning to take place in the event that schools are closed for an extended period of time. We are developing resources for every level in grades PK-8 and for each graduation requirement course for grades 9-12. These resources will be available both in print and online and accessible to every family.”
  • Helpful language from Mayra Cruz, Principal at Oyster Adams Bilingual School: You may be wondering how to address [school closures] with your children and I know that can be difficult during uncertain times.  I encourage you to remember three things when speaking to children about the potential of school closures:
    • 1. Less is more. 
    • 2. Keep it simple.
    • 3. Focus on the present.
    • This may sound like, “The big change is that you don’t have school on Monday instead of Friday,” or “The teacher work day was rescheduled to Monday the 16th instead of Friday the 20th, let’s change it on our calendar.” 
    • If your child has more questions consider watching the BrainPop video together and/or the NPR comic for kids and again, keep it simple. “You don’t need to worry about that, adults have a plan, your only job is to have fun with friends, wash your hands, and learn at school.”

DCPS School Closures


  • 4/27: DCPS school buildings re-open
  • 3/24-4/24: All DCPS schools will continue instruction through Distance Learning
  • 3/17-4/24: ALL DCPS school buildings are closed to students AND staff
  • 3/16: ALL DCPS schools are closed to students for professional development

DC Public Charter School Closures


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For Families of Children With Special Needs

For Families Who Do Not Have Access to Health Insurance

For Families Who Do Not Have Access to the Internet


  • Starting 3/25: 19 Metro stations are closing indefinitely.
  • Starting 3/16: Metro operating on a reduced schedule.
      • Monday-Friday: Trains will operate every 12 minutes on each line throughout the day. The rail system will maintain normal hours, opening at 5 a.m.
      • Saturday: Trains will operate every 12 minutes on each line, with service from 7 a.m. until 1 a.m. (normal Saturday service).
      • Sunday: Trains will operate every 15 minutes on each line, with service from 8 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. (normal Sunday service).
  • 3/11: WMATA recommends people over 60 stay home.
    • Metro’s Pandemic Task Force has been working closely since January with public health officials and jurisdictional partners, as well as with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), whose guidance we are following. Their current advice is to stay close to home if you are over 60, or are not feeling well; and to wash your hands often. Also, people who are sick are asked not to take public transportation at this time.
    • In addition to the measures Metro takes every day, we’ve stepped up deep cleaning and disinfecting railcars, stations, bathrooms, buses, and MetroAccess vehicles. Our staged pandemic response plan includes preparing for any service changes that may be required based on the CDC’s guidance and regional public health requirements for our employees and customers.
  • Uber is offering a 25% discount for students/families traveling to any DCPS and public charter school meal distribution site. Use promo code:  DCPS2020

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