The Fund for DC Families

Our Progress to $100,000!

$100,250 100%

PAVE is, and always has been, a family.

We #SquadUp to celebrate and show pride in our achievements together, and we hug each other tightly in moments of loss and pain.

Right now, we cannot hug all of the amazing parent leaders who give so much of themselves to this work — but we CAN ensure that if their family is struggling right now, their needs for things like groceries, Chromebooks, school supplies, and mental health support are taken care of so that they can best take care of their children.

That is why we started PAVE’s Fund for DC Families.

This is the time for all of us to come together to make sure that we take care of those at the center of PAVE’s work — parents and caregivers.

Since March 15th, PAVE has spent or committed over $22,500 in direct support to families on groceries, Chromebooks, school supplies, and the mental health resources families need. 

Thanks to the generous support of the Walton Family Foundation, the Fund for DC Families is starting off strong with $40,000 — and these initial expenses are covered! But in order to continue this support over the next six months, we need to raise at least another $60,000.

To get through the next six months of the pandemic and its effects, $100,000 could provide:

  • Two weeks’ worth of groceries for 125 families
  • 90 chromebooks to support distance learning
  • 600 school supply packs for DC students
  • 600 teletherapy sessions for parent leaders
  • And housing support for 25 families

This is where you come in.

When you give to the Fund for DC Families, you are supporting a family that is in need — a family that has dedicated hours of service to advocating not just for their children, but ALL children in DC. 

This money isn’t for PAVE. It’s not for our salaries, it’s not for our benefits, and it’s not for our operations. It’s for families who aren’t just worried about education: they’re worried about their jobs, their health, and whether or not they can put food on the table.

Please #SquadUp with us in support of DC families, and give what you are able!