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Why join a Board?

PLE Board members enhance their leadership with support from PAVE’s staff by:

  • Receiving special trainings on the DC public education system and issues;
  • Working together with other parents on the issues that are important to you and that you identify;
  • Learning how to organize other parents and your communities;
  • Making change around the education issues that affect all DC parents;
  • Leading meetings and building relationships with elected officials to understand how policy is created; and
  • Taking back the reins of education so that the system is created by and with parents, rather than just for parents.

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Learn more about PAVE, the PLE Boards, and the application process in the PAVE Post!


Do you want to strengthen the schools in your community?

At the PAVE Parent Policy Summit, parent leaders voted on the issue areas of focus for PAVE’s work in the current year. Now, PAVE parent leaders will take action.

PAVE Parent Leaders in Education Board (PLE Board) members are part of a team. Sometimes, when one parent leader says something, someone might listen. But it’s hard to ignore a group of parent leaders standing together, saying the same thing. PLE Boards bring together parents and connect them through a shared passion for education and change.

Members of Parent Leaders in Education Boards:

  • Meet monthly to connect with other parent leaders, education stakeholders, policymakers, and elected officials to discuss the issues that matter to YOU.
  • Participate in critical trainings that will empower you as a leader in your community and a voice for education reform in the District.
  • Lead parent conversations with elected officials and play a critical role in shaping the policies that will impact our schools.

Last January, the PAVE PLE Board members came together during DC Parent Voice and Choice Week (DCPVCW) to meet with their ward-based councilmembers and citywide education officials. These meetings represented the power of parent voice and the critical partnership between families and policymakers.

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