Our Solution: Why We Believe in Parent Voice

There is a clear need for a coordinated effort to work across all charter networks to identify, inform, and empower charter parents and families to be advocates for their children and their schools.

Similar to the traditional public school system which has an office dedicated to community and family engagement, charter networks are critical partners in this effort. However, school leaders do not have the capacity to dedicate the time and resources to meaningful citywide parent policy engagement and long-term parent advocacy – and the work must be driven by parents in order to be responsive to the needs and concerns of parents. PAVE was created to fill that void.

By unifying charter parents who otherwise remain disconnected, and advocating for a parent-driven policy agenda to strengthen the DC education sector, we ensure that all parents in the city feel empowered to impact policy and increase access to great public schools. PAVE’s work is driven by the needs of our children in our schools and rooted in the concerns of our parents.

We want to see a DC education system that is made up of great schools supported by policy that advances equity and excellence for all children, and we know that our city cannot make this a reality without parents.