Parent Resource Hub

Parent leaders are committed to advocating for parents and families across our city, and they do so by bringing deep knowledge and understanding of DC’s education system to the table. The Parent Resource Hub contains updated information and resources on DC, our education system, and parent priorities. We encourage you to read through the resources and learn more about the issues that matter most to you!

PAVE Parent Leaders’ Statement of Beliefs on #DCSchoolsRecovery

From October to December, PAVE parent leaders have revisited what is needed for response, recovery, and now school re-opening in the face of the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. The result was a revised Statement of Beliefs, which calls on DC officials to do the following:

  1. Continue to meet and expand support for families’ basic needs by ensuring that all families have access to food and groceries, resources such as relief benefits, housing and utilities, and health care and child care.
  2. Building a family-centered education system by: 
    • bolstering distance learning;
    • creating a safe and equitable plan for returning to school in-person;
    • investing in and strengthening systems that support kids and families, including but not limited to fully-funding the UPSFF per-pupil and at-risk funding formulas, and fully funding the next wave of school-based mental health expansion; and
    • improving cross-sector coordination and communication, as well as developing and sharing best practices for partnering with families and communities.

The #DCSchoolsRecovery Statement of Beliefs Summary is a brief overview of the entire Updated Statement of Beliefs, which includes PAVE parent leaders’ priorities and budget asks.

The #DCSchoolsRecovery Fact Sheet has information about a wide range of COVID impacts – direct and indirect – AND data and statistics about key issue areas and solutions you’re asking for to demonstrate why they are effective and essential. This information can be used in questions for policymakers, testimonies, social media posts – wherever you want to amplify YOUR voice and lift up the needs of your community.

Check out the #DCSchoolsRecovery Snapshot to learn more about funding for parent leaders’ #ParentPriorities!

Ward Snapshots

The Ward Snapshots summarize the education landscape and demographics of each ward in DC.

Parents’ Bill of Rights for the Education System

In October 2020, parent leaders came together to create their Parents’ Bill of Rights, which is a value statement to declare the universal rights of every parent across the education system on all issues to lead to more equitable education opportunities for parents and students in the District.


For more in-depth information on the #ParentPriorities shared in parent leaders’ #DCSchoolsRecovery Statement of Beliefs, check out these one-pagers!

At-risk: Students are considered at-risk if they are homeless, in foster care, eligible for food stamps or welfare, or in high school and one year older than their expected age for their grade level. DC provides additional funding for each student to help reduce the effects of poverty and improve academic performance.

Mental Health Supports: Trauma-informed training, social emotional learning programs, and access to mental health professionals are proven solutions to support students with mental health issues.

School budgets: The process to set school budgets is different for DCPS and public charter schools. The Chancellor sets the budget priorities for DCPS schools through the Comprehensive Staffing Model, while each charter school network leader determines how they want to spend their school funding.

School Funding: Schools are funded with federal, local, and private dollars. The majority of funding comes from local sources using a formula called the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula (UPSFF).

Social Media Resources

These resources can be used to help you promote your #ParentPriorities as a PAVE parent leader across social media! Included in these documents are PAVE hashtags, information about #ParentPriorities for #DCSchoolsRecovery, and social media handles (or usernames) of city leaders and other education advocates in DC!