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Why join a Board?

PAVE offers opportunities for parents to serve on the Parent Leaders in Education (PLE) Boards that are Ward-specific as well as population-specific to bring together parents of diverse backgrounds and connect them through a shared passion for education and change.

  • Click here to see a full list of our PLE Boards to help you identify which board(s) best speak to your passion for education!

PLE Board members serve as leaders who drive PAVE’s actions and education campaigns with support from PAVE staff by:

  • Deepening their knowledge of the DC public education system, critical issues, and the policymaking process;
  • Working together with other parents to identify and create change on the education issues that are important to them and other parents across DC;
  • Learning how to organize other parents and their communities towards action;
  • Leading meetings and building relationships with elected officials to understand how policy is created; and
  • Taking back the reins of education so that the system is created by and with parents, rather than just for parents.

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Do you want to strengthen the schools in your community?


PAVE Parent Leaders in Education Board (PLE Board) members are part of a team. Sometimes, when one parent leader says something, someone might listen. But it’s hard to ignore a group of parent leaders standing together, saying the same thing!

Members of Parent Leaders in Education Boards exhibit their #ParentPower through:

Community Organizing

  • Sharing their ideas and perspectives on PAVE’s policy and advocacy priorities through Ward-based or Citywide board meetings and meetings with members of the PAVE team
  • Building relationships with their other parent leaders


  • Serving as an advocate for the diverse lived experiences of families across their Ward and greater DC community 
  • Communicating the perspectives of all parent leaders on their Ward’s PLE board, in addition to their own viewpoints
  • Modeling leadership through follow-through on advocacy actions


  • Becoming informed on policy issue areas and the education landscape to answer specific policy questions about parent priorities with systems leaders 
  • Leading the creation of PAVE’s Statement of Beliefs


  • Having a social media presence on social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to communicate about PAVE parent priorities 
  • Supporting in media opportunities identified by PAVE staff

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¿Quieres fortalecer las escuelas de tu Comunidad?

Los miembros de las Juntas de Padres Líderes en Educación (Juntas de PLE) de PAVE son parte de un equipo. A veces, cuando un padre líder dice algo, tal vez alguien escuche. ¡Pero es difícil ignorar a un grupo de padres líderes que se unen y dicen lo mismo!

Los miembros de las Juntas de Padres Líderes en Educación exhiben su #ParentPower (poder de los padres) a través de:

Organización Comunitaria

  • Compartir sus ideas y perspectivas sobre las prioridades de política y defensa de PAVE a través de reuniones de la junta de su zona o la de toda la ciudad y reuniones con miembros del equipo de PAVE
  • Construir relaciones con sus otros padres líderes


  • Servir como defensor(a) de las diversas experiencias vividas de las familias en su zona y en la comunidad de todo DC
  • Comunicar las perspectivas de todos los padres líderes en la junta de PLE de su zona, además de sus propios puntos de vista
  • Demostrar el liderazgo completando las acciones de defensa


  • Informarse sobre las áreas de problemas de política y el panorama educativo para responder preguntas de política específicas sobre las prioridades de los padres con los líderes de sistemas
  • Liderar la creación de la Declaración de Creencias de PAVE


  • Tener presencia en las redes sociales (como Facebook, Instagram y Twitter) para comunicar sobre las prioridades de los padres de PAVE
  • Apoyar en oportunidades de medios identificadas por el personal de PAVE