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Want to stay up-to-date with updates on the critical work parent leaders are doing not just for their kids, but for ALL kids, across DC?

Parents and families are, and will always be, the experts on their children‘s education. However, they are often not at the table when decisions that impact their children’s education are made. PAVE parent leaders recognized this ongoing issue, and in response drafted the Parents’ Bill of Rights for the Education System to inform our city leaders about the rights they believe EVERY parent is entitled to from our education system, as well as the hopes they have to make sure our city is rooted in equity. 

With the projected results of the general election called, we’re sharing the voices of parent leaders as they reflect on the Parents’ Bill of Rights. We look forward to working with our newly-elected and reelected leaders to make the vision set forth by parents in the Bill of Rights a reality.

Since PAVE was founded in April of 2016, PAVE parent leaders have advocated to create a more equitable DC for every child and family. In April of 2020, parent leaders launched the #Vote4DCKids movement to amplify the importance of electing leaders who prioritize the needs of kids and families.

Because of the time and dedication parent leaders put into the #Vote4DCKids movement, 1,840 DC voters committed to cast their ballot to #Vote4DCKids in the general election!

The general election is critical to the future of our country, and right in DC, there were a number of high-stakes elections, whose outcomes will have important implications for our community and schools.

In preparation for the #Vote4DCKids Summit #2 that occurred on November 1, PAVE talked to three parent leaders about the importance of voting.

In education, the opportunity to build a vision for what our system looks like is also often held in the hands of those who hold formal power but we all – parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, school leaders, school staff, and students – have so much power within and much more power together. 

And it is even more important during these times for us as parents to create the vision for what we want to see in our system, as we are shouldering so much of the work to educate our children this year.

These are our rights and what we expect from our DC education system.

Today’s THE day, PAVE family!

Election Day is HERE which means it’s the LAST DAY to find an Election Day Voting Center and cast YOUR ballot to #Vote4DCKids! Visit our website to get all the information you NEED to know to make sure your vote is COUNTED and your voice is HEARD!

While getting out the vote, managing virtual learning in their homes, and holding down all of life’s responsibilities amidst a pandemic and repeated racial injustices across our country, PAVE parent leaders, a coalition of Black, Brown, and white families across our city, came together to write their own Parents’ Bill of Rights. 

These are a set of universal rights written BY parent leaders and FOR systems leaders in DC, sharing what families want to see for every parent in our city in order to ensure that EVERY child has the great education they deserve and that our system of schools is rooted in equity.

Today marks a BIG DAY, PAVE family! 

Through November 2, registered DC voters have the opportunity to vote early for the general election by voting via mail or in-person!

It is CRITICAL that our DC community participates in this election cycle. When we all #Vote4DCKids, we can see a city that supports EVERY family and child in our community!

The countdown to the general election is ON!

With less than two weeks until Election Day, and only five days until early voting begins on October 27th, the parent-led #Vote4DCKids movement is ALREADY making an impact on our city’s voter turnout!

In the Primary Election held this June, about 60% of the 1,246 DC parents who committed to #Vote4DCKids cast their ballots in the primary! This is compared to the 26.1% of DC residents that cast their ballot for the SAME election! 

Earlier this month, more than 100 parent leaders from across DC gathered for the PAVE Parent Leaders in Education (PLE) Kickoff as official members of the 2020-2021 PLE Boards! During the event, parent leaders shared their Stories of Self,reflected on progress made by the previous PLE Boards, and set the stage for the upcoming year of parent-led advocacy!  

Today, we’re featuring six parent leaders, both new and returning, who are ready to use their #ParentPower to continue to continue to create a more equitable city for EVERY family and child!

On Wednesday, 16 DC State Board of Education Candidates joined 139 parents leaders for the PAVE State Board of Education Candidates Forum! The night was filled with music, community, and of course, #ParentPower!

Check out three questions parent leaders asked the SBOE Candidates to learn more about their plans to ensure our city’s kids and families are top priorities!

As October begins, DC families are still navigating the effects of Coronavirus after nine months. Today, we are writing with an update on families’ experiences returning to school so far and an update on what parents can expect from DC schools. 

Each public charter school sets their own policy and schedule around in-person and remote learning. See the list of public charter schools and their reopening information here. DC Public Schools plans to reopen elementary schools (grades PK-5) for in-person learning in November.

Happy October, PAVE family! 
It’s a new month, which means it’s time to start marking your calendar! 
We are excited for three upcoming events that will amplify parent voices and help our DC community get READY to #Vote4DCKids this November!

In 2018, only 18% of eligible voters in DC exercised their right to vote. This year, let’s #SquadUp to make sure our elected officials are chosen by and for ALL the community members they serve! 

Today, parent leaders are sharing why it’s so important to register to vote so we can continue to amplify our voices together to ensure our kids, families, schools, and city are safe – and that our leaders keep families at the center of their decision making. 

When the pandemic shut down schools in March, PAVE knew it was essential to ask families how they were doing so that we could shift our work to support – because our work is always by, for, and with parents. 

With the pandemic continuing to cause unprecedented changes to our daily lives, PAVE wants to hear the stories of the families in our city, to gain insights to share with schools and policymakers and to connect parents and caregivers with needed resources and support.

This week, DC Public Schools and many public charters had their first day of school. Due to the pandemic, many schools are beginning the year virtually, causing the first week back to look and feel different for students, families, teachers, leaders, and school staff. 

To get an idea of just how different the start to the school year looked, PAVE parent leaders are sharing their experiences from the first day of school. Read their words to learn the REAL experiences that came with managing the big day.

Earlier this month, The U.S. Census Bureau announced that it would end its counting effort a month earlier than its usual date. This means it’s time to #SquadUp and TAKE ACTION to make sure that we are all counted! 

Completing the 2020 Census is a simple task that takes only ten minutes and can make a positive impact on our community for the next TEN YEARS! 

Due to COVID-19, this school year will look very different for most families in DC. Instead of returning to school in person, most students will be learning at homeaway from their school buildings, teachers, and friends.

During such uncertain and unprecedented times, we wanted to share resources and information from our community partners to support DC families’ physical and mental health going into the new school year!

This year, PAVE parent leaders and our community partners advocated for many policy priorities identified in parent leaders’ #DCSchoolsRecovery Statement of Beliefs. DC policymakers heard the voices of parent leaders and many of these priorities were included in the FY21 budget!

Every year, in PAVE tradition, we say “Thank You!” to the policymakers that made sure #ParentPriorities were prioritized in the final budget vote. This year is no different! Over 40 parent leaders and their families joined together to thank the Council of DC and Mayor Bowser for making education for kids in DC a top priority! 

Hoy queremos resaltar el progreso que la (Mesa Directiva de Padres Latinos Latinx PLE Board) ha logrado en nuestra comunidad.

¡Y tenemos mucho que celebrar!

Today, we want to highlight the progress that the Latinx PLE Board (La Mesa Directiva de Padres Latinos) has made in our community.

And we have a lot to celebrate!

Last week, Mayor Bowser announced that DC Public Schools (DCPS) will start with an all-virtual school Term 1 from August 31 through November 6. Read the mayor’s virtual learning announcement here! While public charter schools are not required to open virtually, many have also begun to announce their plans for the upcoming year. To view the operating status of your child’s public charter school, visit this website. 

As schools prepare for the start to the school year, we wanted to take time to reflect on what parent leaders said they want the school reopening process to look like to ensure EVERY student in our city receives a safe, nurturing, and great education – in every ward and community.

This past week, the Council of DC voted on and passed the FY21 budget! Due to the powerful advocacy of parent leaders and our partners, this budget funds many #ParentPriorities for #DCSchoolsRecovery that are centered in the needs of children and families throughout the pandemic and beyond, and it takes steps toward realizing parents’ vision for a more equitable city for all our kids.

Not even a global pandemic could lessen parent leaders’ dedication or stop the work.
We have it within our power to avoid all of this.
In the midst of this unprecedented pandemic, we could ask our city leaders to stop looking at each resident as a unique input – a voter, a homeowner, a taxpayer – and look at all of our residents as a part of our DC community. To weigh the risk and utility of our decisions on all of us as a whole. If we shift that frame, we will go from narrowly assessing which individuals are winning or losing, to instead seeing that we are all in this together and can get through this together.
We have to live out our DC values – starting in our budget – so that DC can be the strong city my family will continue to love for the next six generations.

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?

Great news! The deadline to apply to become a member of a Parent Leaders in Education (PLE) Board has been extended to Friday, July 24!

We believe that EVERY child deserves a high-quality, safe, and nurturing school environment to learn and reach their fullest potential – and we know that you do too!

It’s been a busy week so far in DC! The DC Council had their first vote on the Fiscal Year 2021 budget – and we have updates about what that means for #ParentPriorities! 

TOP HIGHLIGHT: Parent Leaders’ Advocacy is WORKING! 

Increases in funding for: School-Based Mental Health and relief to excluded workers (including undocumented immigrants) in particular are all vital investments that we must PROTECT as DC Council prepares for the final budget vote on July 21.

We CAN forge a path to a new normal and a more equitable DC with smart revenue raisers – but it will take courageous and bold leadership from our city leaders.

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level? 

Apply to become a member of a Parent Leaders in Education (PLE) Board today!

We believe that EVERY child deserves a high-quality, safe, and nurturing school environment to learn and reach their fullest potential – and we know that you do too.

As a parent, you are already your student’s greatest advocate. You know what works and doesn’t work for your child, your school, and your family. That is why it is critical that our elected officials and policymakers hear from YOU.

Today, on Independence Day, we remember that our country’s land was taken from Native Americans, our country’s economy was built by enslaved people, and our country is – and always will be – a nation of immigrants.

Our freedoms are hard-fought, let’s remember history today.

Parents and families are at the center of everything we do at PAVE and drive all of our decision-making.

In 2019, PAVE conducted a listening tour ito hear from DC families about their challenges in and hopes for special education in the District and then launched our first Special Education Parent Leaders in Education (PLE) Board. 

Today, we want to celebrate the work of the 23 members of the inaugural PAVE Special Education PLE Board. Together they have shared their stories, analyzed data, built community and informational power, and written their collective vision for special education in DC.

As we move through the phases of DC reopening and toward school reopening in the fall, it is the responsibility of our city’s decision-makers to listen to what is happening on the ground — to listen to parents and families — in order to determine the best path forward.

Read on for personal stories — stories about how Coronavirus has upended life — from three parent leaders and from our Executive Director. Their experiences are backed up by DATA. Hear their voices and keep parents and families at the center of all planning for Coronavirus recovery — through school reopening and beyond.

We cannot afford to do otherwise.

Every year, PAVE staff have the day off on Juneteenth to reflect on the history of when enslaved Black people in the US learned of their freedom (albeit, Washingtonians know that people enslaved in DC learned on Emancipation Day).

We want to also share in that reflection and celebration with each of you! 

Register for Jammin’ with DJ OhMyJah: Juneteenth – A Celebration of Freedom!
We want to honor the over 26 parent leaders from across DC who took the time to submit their own written and voicemail testimony in the midst of all that is happening right now in our city and in our country — for our Budget Oversight Hearings on the Committee on Education, Committee on Health, and the Committee of the Whole.

Please read their stories and hear their voices.

We’re here to answer ANY questions you have about voting today.

**Polls are open until 8:00 pm. You are allowed to go to your polling place to vote or to drop off your completed ballot until 8:00 pm.**

Plus: Resources for self-care, resources for talking about race with your children, reading lists, and more.

What we need in this moment is neither platitudes nor pleasantries, but, rather, collective action: an acknowledgement of our shared grief in service of our shared growth as a community.

We need the people who have power to cede it to those who have long been denied it. We need the systems that have done wrong to be accountable and make it right – in our budgets, in our legislation, and in the daily operations of our government. We need the tables that are usually pre-set to be expanded so that voices of every age, sex, nationality, race, and identity are present. We need “business as usual” to transform into “equity as essential.”
We need to say, unequivocally, that Black Lives Matter and that we will all work together to make sure that every Black person in DC and across our country knows that they do.

Hear from:

As they share their thoughts on the Mayor’s budget – and on how much work we still need to do to make sure ALL our kids are taken care of!

The cost of COVID-19 is significant…

Schools, like everyone else, did not plan for this. They have quickly shifted their budgets to take on new costs to meet this moment and help ensure the health and safety of kids and families. 

Read more about where gaps exist and how to close them inside!

Thanks to you, we’ve raised 93% of our goal, or $93,000!

This is huge for DC families. All of this money will go STRAIGHT to families in need, and every dollar counts. Read more about the Fund for DC Families on our website!

  • $25 will send a child a school supply pack
  • $50 will schedule one teletherapy session for a Parent Leader
  • $150 will buy a Chromebook for a student
  • $250 will deliver groceries to a family of four for two weeks

WE’RE SO CLOSE! Now, let’s get over the finish line.

PAVE is, and always has been, a family.

We #SquadUp to celebrate and show pride in our achievements together, and we hug each other tightly in moments of loss and pain.

Right now, we cannot hug all of the amazing parent leaders who give so much of themselves to this work — but we can make sure that if their family is struggling right now, their needs are taken care of so that they can best take care of their children.

That is why we started the Fund for DC Families.

Now more than ever, we see the importance of strong leaders who understand and listen to the needs of families and communities — who will take bold steps to build and, when we return, rebuild the type of city and schools YOU want to see.

Good news: You can demonstrate the power of your voice through your vote! This year, our parent leaders are excited to cast their ballots for a city that will do right by our children. And we invite you to join them and #Vote4DCKids!

Voting by mail will allow voters to cast their ballot from the safety of their own home, avoid gathering in public and potentially long lines, and opens the door for even more people to vote because they won’t have to take off of work or arrange childcare. 

In order to make sure that their Statement of Beliefs is as inclusive as possible, parent leaders surveyed over 320 parents from across the city about how Coronavirus has impacted them.

PLUS 67 school leaders completed a school impact survey (representing 20% of DCPS principals and 40% of charter LEAs) to tell us about the challenges schools are experiencing. Parents then triangulated that data with their own experiences.

We are thrilled to share a deeper dive into that data below. THANK YOU to all the parents and school leaders who took time to tell us about their experiences! You are ALL helping us #PAVEtheWay!!

Coronavirus and the resulting impact on our communities has created an unprecedented crisis within the District of Columbia. This will require an unprecedented response and an unprecedented commitment to long-term recovery – all of which should be centered in equitably addressing the needs of kids and families.

Parents want to be partners with our city leaders as they plan our path forward and share their experience in a comprehensive Statement of Beliefs to ground these critical decisions in the voices of those that are most impacted: the District’s kids and families.

LAST DAY: Take the COVID-19 Impact Survey and claim your FREE gift – link inside!

PLUS: Read about Tuesday’s emergency legislation bill – what’s included, what’s not included, and what that means for #ParentPriorities.

NEW: Find a comprehensive breakdown of COVID-19’s policy impacts on our new Coronavirus Policy Impacts webpage!

At PAVE, we know there is nothing more important than family – it is the love of family that inspired our founding! For us, family includes our whole DC community and all those who join us in the fight for kids – and each and every person in that family MATTERS! 

The Census is here! And we want to make sure each person in our DC family is COUNTED in 2020, as it will impact our city and her people for the next decade to come. 

Complete the 2020 Census! 

  • Support the #MentalWellnessWins campaign – Click to take action!
  • Follow today’s DAY OF ACTION on social media by following the #MentalWellnessWins hashtag across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Want to join in the conversation? Post about why YOU believe mental health supports and trauma-informed training are critical in all schools, now more than ever. What supports do you want to see in your child(ren)’s school(s) when they reopen?

During the school closures, we want all of our families, community and school partners, and supporters to know that we are here for each of you and that we will do our best to share timely, up-to-date information as we know it.

Last week, we took steps to ensure our parents and families were informed about our city’s and schools’ responses to Coronavirus and to share resources where available.

Now, we want to share additional updates and resources, including new developments from the Council.Together, we are all learning how to navigate Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impacts it has had on our families and communities – and together, we will get through this.

Read for important information on how to stay healthy, recommendations on how to stay informed, updates on school closures, and resources for families!

For more information, visit the PAVE Coronavirus Updates & Resources page.

Right now, the UPSFF is 7% below the level recommended in DC’s 2013 Adequacy Study, which identified how much we should spend to ensure all students are getting the support they need at school. After a first look at school budget projections, we ran the numbers and talked to our partners and budget experts. While 4% sounds like it would be a big jump towards closing that gap (YES!), there are a few important things we need to consider, like higher school staff costs and rising inflation.

To get to adequacy and build a more equitable system for kids, we need REAL increases in education funding that go beyond covering increased salaries for teachers and staff (we’ll say it again – YES! They deserve it!) and inflation. 

It’s been a busy month for PAVE! Check out quotes from some of the amazing parent leaders whose testimony in support of their #ParentPriorities inspired us, and inspired DC Councilmembers.

Click here to read ALL parent testimony

PAVE and five of our partners (School Justice Project, Georgetown Juvenile Justice Initiative, DC Fiscal Policy Institute, DC Action for Children, DC Alliance of Youth Advocates, and Children’s Law Center) wrote this op-ed calling upon Mayor Bowser to put DC’s children first in this year’s budget! Three essential investments can #PAVEtheWay for all of DC’s kids to have what they need to learn and thrive:

  1. Increased per-pupil funding and increased at-risk weight to support the students who need it most
  2. Expanded school-based mental health supports across the District
  3. High-quality, affordable childcare for DC’s youngest residents

Specialized school programs provide students unique learning opportunities that focus on specific issues or topics. Dual language programs are one type of specialized school program. In a dual language program, students are taught academic content (reading, writing math, science, etc.) in both English and a partner language. This language and culture are central to the school’s mission and vision.

Read about DC Bilingual, a school implementing the dual language program model well, inside! PLUS, learn more about parent leaders’ campaign for Increased Access to Specialized School Programs.


In celebration of DC Parent Voice and Choice Week (DCPVCW), last week, PAVE continued our four-year tradition of hosting breakfast and luncheons at the Wilson Building to foster a more meaningful partnership between DC parents and education leaders.

This year, PAVE parent leaders came to the Wilson Building to share their stories and education priorities, making 176 touch points over 10 meetings with 7 DC Councilmembers, Chairman Mendelson, the Deputy Mayor for Education, and Dr. Faith Gibson Hubbard (Executive Director of Thrive By Five).

We are thrilled that today Mayor Bowser announced she will be proposing a 4% increase to the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula (UPSFF).

Parent leaders made this increase a priority in BOTH of their Statements of Beliefs this year around Mental Health Supports and Trauma-Informed Training in All Schools and Increased Access to Specialized School Programs – we are thankful to Mayor Bowser for listening to parent voice by making this strong investment in our kids.

This week, PAVE Parent Leaders in Education (PLE) Board members from across the District will assemble at the Wilson Building to meet with DC Councilmembers, the Deputy Mayor for Education, and other education policymakers to discuss #ParentPriorities:

Increased Access to Specialized School Programs and Mental Health Supports and Trauma-Informed Training in All Schools.

Last year, PAVE parent leaders wrote their vision for Transparent Citywide School Funding. As part of their vision, they asked the city to implement the following solutions:

  1. Create a uniform budget framework that is comparable across all schools
  2. Develop school budget engagement best practices that include parent voice
  3. Evaluate our current budgeting process to ensure equitable funding for all schools

To kick off 2020, we want to provide an update on the issues PAVE parents have prioritized.

Because the work we do is for families, we do it as a family. 

We are so thankful to be surrounded by so many committed, passionate, and determined supporters who believe in the power of parent voice to make great schools for every child in every ward a reality. 

This year, our family of parents, students, school leaders, policymakers, and education advocates has reshaped our education landscape.



After bringing together research and listening to diverse perspectives, PAVE PLE Board members drafted a collective Statement of Beliefs around each of their priorities (1. Mental Health Supports and Trauma-Informed Training in All Schools, and 2. Increased Access to Specialized School Programs) outlining what they want to be true in our education system.

These statements identify a set of solutions for each of these critical issues so that, as a city, we can better care for all of our kids and provide equitable resources in all of our schools.

>>Read them here!<<


At PAVE, the work we do to connect, inform, and empower parent leaders across the District is personal to usEvery day, we have the opportunity to see the unbelievable commitment that parents show to this work – work that they do not just for their own children, but for all children. That commitment is inspiring, selfless, and powerful.

To honor the parents we serve, we asked our staff to share what they are most thankful for about them. The answers we got speak for themselves.

>>Read them inside!<<

Last week, the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) released the results from the 2018-2019 School Year. The NAEP test is also called, “The Nation’s Report Card” because it provides valuable information about how students from all backgrounds are performing. DC showed more growth than most other states and districts across the nation, but we still have a lot of work to do to close the gap and ensure ALL of our kids are ready for college and careers.

On Saturday, October 19, PAVE Parent Leaders in Education (PLE) Board members from across the city came together to dig into the two #ParentPriorities they selected at the Parent Policy Summit in June:
1. Mental Health Supports and Trauma-Informed Training in All Schools (renewed for a second year!)
2. Increased Access to Specialized School Programs

En celebración del Mes de la Herencia Hispana (15 de septiembre – 15 de octubre), estamos destacando las voces y las historias de algunos padres líderes de la comunidad latina en DC. Lea sus historias a continuación sobre cómo están “PAVEing the Way” (abriendo el camino) para todos los niños de nuestra ciudad.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), we are highlighting the voices and stories of a few parent leaders from the Latinx community in DC. Read their stories below about how they are PAVE-ing the Way for all children in our city.

Thank you to the over ninety parent leaders who joined us at UNCF last Saturday to kick off the 2019-20 PLE Boards! We were so excited to have new and returning parent leaders all together for the first time as PLE Boards – ready to connect with their cohort members, look back on the progress made by our past two years PLE Boards, learn more about their Stories of Self, and set norms together for the upcoming year!

Inside: Read more about the day, and see the awesome joyful photos from the event!

En celebración del Mes de la Herencia Hispana (15 de septiembre – 15 de octubre), estamos destacando las voces y las historias de algunos padres líderes de la comunidad latina en DC. Lea sus historias a continuación sobre cómo están “PAVEing the Way” (abriendo el camino) para todos los niños de nuestra ciudad.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), we are highlighting the voices and stories of a few parent leaders from the Latinx community in DC. Read their stories below about how they are PAVE-ing the Way for all children in our city.

As you and your family settle into a new academic year, we know you’re doing everything you can to make sure your student is excited and prepared! We’re here for you – making sure you have everything you need to jump into the school year ready for anything.

You can find resources about safe transportation to and from school, school schedules, grade-by-grade resources, the Readiness Check, and a recap of our Thank You event celebrating the progress made on the #DoMoreWith54 and #WeBudgetTogether campaigns in this edition of the PAVE Post!


PAVE Post: Everything You Need to Know About PARCC

All DC public school students – public charter and DCPS – in 3rd through 8th grade take the ELA and math PARCC test, and high school students take an English II and Geometry PARCC test.

So, what is the PARCC, how did our schools do during the 2018-19 School Year, and what do the scores mean?

Everything you need to know is inside!


Our Listening Tour For Families with Infants and Toddlers!

Answering the call from parents to connect with one another, deepen their knowledge of key early childhood issues, and use their collective power to advocate on behalf of our city’s youngest residents, PAVE is excited to kick off a listening tour to hear from parents and other caregivers regarding your experiences in meeting the needs of your infant/toddler.  Your stories – and the stories of other parents across the city – will help us identify the most pressing challenges AND parent-driven solutions.


Apply to Become a Parent Leaders in Education Board Member Today!

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level? Apply to become a Parent Leader in Education today!

We believe that EVERY child deserves a high-quality, safe, and nurturing school environment to learn and reach their fullest potential – and we know that you do too. As a parent, you are already your student’s greatest advocate. You know what works and doesn’t work for your child, your school, and your family. That is why it is critical that our elected officials and policymakers hear from YOU.


Read the Parent Policy Summit Recap!

On June 1st at the Third-Annual PAVE Parent Policy Summit, 166 PAVE Parent Leaders joined school leaders, community organizations, elected officials, education advocates, DCPS Chancellor Ferebee, Councilmember Ward 7 Vince Gray, and other stakeholders at KIPP College Prep in Ward 5.

This historic moment for parent and family engagement in our education system provided an opportunity for a diverse group of parents to listen to, learn from, and be heard by fellow community members.


PAVE Post: Another Strong Year of Parent Power

Get up to speed on all the ways PAVE Parent Leaders have amplified their voices and pushed for change over the past year!

The 2018-2019 school year has almost come to an end and what a year it has been at PAVE!


PAVE Is On A Listening Tour About The Education Experiences Of Spanish-Speaking Families

In order to meet the needs of these families, PAVE wants to hear from YOU – Hispanic/Latinx parents and caregivers! Our mission is to build a shared community, provide accessible information, and remove language as a barrier to opportunities for advocacy so more families can feel empowered to advocate for their children, and for ALL children.

Alongside our listening tour for families with students with special needs, PAVE is conducting a listening tour for Spanish-speaking families to understand how we can best support the Hispanic/Latinx community as they navigate the education system.


PAVE is on a Listening Tour About DC Families’ Experiences with Special Education

Read about how PAVE Parent Leader Lateefa Dawkins is PAVE-ing the Way as an advocate for her children with special needs!

“While it is often difficult for any parent to navigate the education system, this is especially true for parents who must also navigate the special education process. Between having to understand the legal terms in Individualized Education Plans (IEP) or 504 plans, finding a school that can appropriately support your child, or simply understanding your child’s diagnosis and what they need to be successful – it can be an overwhelming, isolating, and frustrating experience…”


Update on Summit Issues Selected by Parents

We received OVER 400 RESPONSES on our Summit Issue Survey – the results are inside this evening’s PAVE Post, click to read all about the selected issues!

“On Saturday, June 1st, parent leaders will come together for the Third-Annual PAVE Parent Policy Summit to set their vision for education in our city and create PAVE’s roadmap for our work together for the upcoming year, with policymakers, school leaders, and other community members in the room to witness the true power of parent voice…”

On Tuesday, April 9th, 95 school partners, parent leaders, agency partners, and system leaders across all sectors came together for a PAVE  All-Day Family and Community Engagement Professional Learning Community (PLC) session around the theme,“Coalition Building for Systemic Change in DC Education.” These powerful sessions dug into the who, what, when, where, and how of building effective, equitable, and powerful family and community engagement in our schools and education system.

Ward 7 parent leader and educator Sharon Culver blogs about the importance of Mental Health and Trauma-informed Training in ALL schools:

“As an educator AND parent, I feel compelled to ask our city leaders to #DoMoreWith54… For my students, for my kids, and for all kids in the District, we must come together to #DoMoreWith54. Only then can all of our kids get the supports they need to not just survive, but thrive. After all, children really are our future.”

Check out PIE Network‘s article on PAVE’s PLCs!

“In the fall of 2017, PAVE established the first Professional Learning Community (PLC) for family and community engagement staff at area schools and agencies. After its first successful year, the PLC has grown to include two cohorts…

Can you believe that it’s time for our Third-annual PAVE Parent Policy Summit? Join us on June 1st at KIPP College Prep where we will fill the room with even MORE parent leaders to collectively reimagine an education system that is created not just for, but by and with families!

This year, make sure YOUR voice is heard and help create a parent-driven policy agenda for 2019-2020 by taking this survey!

PAVE’s Founder and Executive Director illustrates why DC must #DoMoreWith54.

Our children are hurting, and we MUST do better to build a city that is investing in their futures. Instability in health care, housing, and food in the District all increase the risk for mental illness and trauma in our city’s children, and in turn, intensify the need for mental health supports and trauma-informed training in ALL schools.

On Thursday, March 21, at PAVE’s #DoMoreWith54 Event, Raymond Weeden shared Jaleesa Matthews’ testimony in which she discussed ways we can meet the mental health needs of ALL of our kids.

“We are doing an injustice to our kids when we do not equip them with the tools they need to navigate extremely difficult situations.”

On Thursday, March 21, Ward 8 and Citywide PLE Board member DaSean Jones joined parents, youth practitioners, researchers, and school leaders to learn about how we can meet the needs of all our kids and #DoMoreWith54.

“DC schools need increased mental health supports, including trauma-informed training for teachers, social emotional learning curriculum, and trained mental health professionals in all schools.”

PAVE Post: Update on the DC School Report Card

Catch up on the progress of one of our #ParentPriorities from the 2017-2018 school year – One Citywide School Report Card!

“At the 2017 PAVE Parent Policy Summit, over 100 parent leaders from all across the District chose this as one of our top priorities after coming together to share their experiences with the DC education system…”


PAVE-ing the Way: Read Jalen Gross’ #DoMoreWith54 Event Remarks!

On Thursday, March 21, Jalen Gross joined parents, youth practitioners, researchers, and school leaders to learn about how we can meet the needs of all our kids and #DoMoreWith54.

“I join everyone here today to ask the mayor and city council to devote funds in the budget to support the increase of mental health professionals in DC schools and to better train our educators to create supportive and safe environments for us to learn.”


PAVE-ing the Way: Read Michael Villafranca’s #DoMoreWith54 Event Remarks!

Michael Villafranca explains why our city must #DoMoreWith54 and invest in mental health supports and trauma-informed training in all schools.

“Our children and youth are living in especially challenging times, so increased access to mental health supports are needed now more than ever.”



PAVE-ing the Way: Chioma Oruh and Yolanda Corbett Give Back With the Wayfinder Foundation

This year, We are honored to highlight two incredible PAVE parent leaders that are furthering their leadership through the Wayfinder Foundation Community Activist Fellowship: Ward 4 PLE Board Member Chioma Oruh and Ward 7 & Citywide PLE Board Member Yolanda Corbett!

Dreams of Chocolate City: A Letter From Maya Martin Cadogan

My family has lived in Washington, DC for five generations. As a kid growing up in DC in the 1980s and ‘90s, the city and her people bore me, raised me, and gave me an understanding of the true meaning of community. DC was the place I called home – no matter how many times we had to move…


PAVE Post: Highlights from DCPVCW & How You Can Support #ParentPriorities in 2019!

In celebration of DC Parent Voice and Choice Week (DCPVCW), last week, PAVE continued our four-year tradition of hosting breakfast and luncheons at the Wilson Building to foster a more meaningful partnership between DC parents and education leaders. This year, PAVE parent leaders joined us the Wilson Building to share their stories and education priorities, making 199 touch points with 11 DC Councilmembers and the Deputy Mayor for Education…

Maya Martin Cadogan: Real School Choice Starts With Parent Voice

…As DC parents finalize their school preferences before upcoming lottery deadlines, it’s worth resurfacing a recent study by the D.C. Policy Center. It found only one area of the District — the far northwest corner — where a large proportion of families (79 percent) choose to attend their “in-boundary” DC public school, because it feeds into the much-desired Wilson High School. Elsewhere in the city, we see a great deal of mobility from one school to another, with only 26 percent of families choosing their neighborhood school. Instead, most make a mish-mash of choices, playing the lottery or moving about, all in hopes of winning a “golden ticket” to a school that will meet their children’s needs….

PAVE Post Update: Only a Few Days Away From DCPVCW

Countdown to DC Parent Voice and Choice Week! Our second-annual DC Parent Voice and Choice Week will kick off on Monday, January 21, and will include numerous parent-led meetings at the Wilson Building. Check out this week’s DCPVCW PAVE Post for more information!

PAVE Post: DC Parent Voice and Choice Week 2019

Join us during DC Parent Voice and Choice Week (DCPVCW) to celebrate our city’s many incredible parent leaders who are partnering with our school leaders, elected officials, and education policymakers to create a school choice system that works for ALL DC families! This year during DCPVCW, our 118 PAVE PLE Board members will be calling on policymakers to support the issues parents voted for during the Parent Policy Summit in May: Transparent Citywide School Funding and Mental Health Supports and Trauma-Informed Training for All Schools.

Thank You for PAVE-ing the Way in 2018 and Beyond!

“Because the work we do is for families, we do it as a family. We are so thankful to be surrounded by so many committed, passionate, and determined supporters who believe in the power of parent voice to make great schools for every child in every ward a reality. This year, our family of parents, students, school leaders, policymakers, and education advocates has reshaped our education landscape.”

Check out the Holiday PAVE Post and sign-up now to join 2,000+ Parent Leaders to amplify our 2018-2019 issues – Mental Health Supports and Trauma-Informed Training for All Schools!

DC’s New School Report Card 101: What You Need to Know

Today, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) released DC’s new School Report Card for the 2017-2018 school year. For the first time in our city’s history, this School Report Card will include a wide range of information about how all of our public schools performed – both DCPS and public charter schools.Here is everything you need to know about the new DC School Report Card:


Ward 8 POST Update: Monday’s PCSB Vote will Send a Message to All DC Parents

Do our education leaders trust that families know what’s best for our kids?

On Monday, November 19, the DC Public Charter School Board (PCSB) is scheduled to vote on the application of the LEARN Charter School Network – the school operator chosen by the parent leaders of the Ward 8 POST. This vote will send a clear message to families about whether or not our education leaders trust parents to be partners in creating high-quality school options that work for ALL families.

PAVE-ing the Way: Alberto Otero, Ward 1 PLE Board Member

Ward 1 PLE Board Member Alberto Otero seeks to model the leadership he wants to see in schools. While working in the criminal justice system, Alberto witnessed the school-to-prison pipeline firsthand and realized that limited access to a high-quality education perpetuated this vicious cycle. He is deeply concerned with the leadership that steers our education system and wants to see more inclusive leadership moving forward.

As a PLE Board member, I hope to listen more to the concerns of other PAVE parents and our fellow parents and community members. I want to show that men, and especially Black and Latino men, are essential to moving these issues forward. I want my children and the children of the District of Colombia to dream bigger and to do more than we ever imagined.”

PAVE Post Update: Rock the Vote on November 6th!

Rock the Vote on November 6th! Read our latest PAVE Post Update for everything you need to know about registering to vote, where to vote, and what races YOU will be deciding on November 6th!

PAVE-ing the Way: Machee Kelly, Ward 6 PLE Board Member

“I want to use my experiences to best support my child and work with parents who share like interests.”

Ward 6 PLE Board Member Machee Kelly is PAVE-ing the Way! Machee shares how growing up, working, and raising a daughter in DC schools has made her a stronger advocate for ALL children.

PAVE Post: Families Celebrate First Selective Early College High School East of the River!

Parent leaders and the team at PAVE are extremely excited that our city has taken a monumental step forward in creating a more equitable system for all of our children by officially announcing that Bard High School Early College will open a DCPS campus, with plans to open the school East of the River. 

“As an educator, I witness the way decisions are made regarding curriculum and instruction, while as a parent I see the impact of these decisions on my child.”
As both an educator and parent leader, Ward 1 PLE Board Member Jacob Fishbein knows parents are ready to be partners in shaping our education system!

PAVE Post Update: 118 Parent Leaders Kick Off the 2018-2019 PLE Boards

On Saturday, we welcomed the 118 parent leaders who will make up the 2018-2019 PLE Boards! Representing the unique needs, values, and diversity of DC families, our PLE Boards will now work together to ensure ALL children have the supports they need!

2018-2019 PLE Boards Kick Off Year of Advocacy

On Saturday, September 29th, 119 PAVE parent leaders from across DC will come together at KIPP DC College Preparatory for the first time as the 2018-2019 Parent Leaders in Education (PLE) Boards! New and returning Board members will build on the momentum of their first year of successful advocacy with new education priorities for DC schools.

PAVE-ing the Way: Rose Shelton, Ward 6 PLE Board Member

“As children, we discover who we are, who we are not, and what we value through our experiences and interactions with our world. When those experiences are traumatic, it can negatively impact almost every aspect of our lives – especially our ability to learn.”
Ward 6 PLE Board Member Rose Shelton calls on our leaders to “remove the bias from mental health” and ensure ALL children have the supports they need in school to be their best selves

PAVE Post Update: Our 2018-2019 Issues Amplified

Stay informed with us! Here’s your guide to our 2018-19 top issue areas, which over 150 parent leaders voted for at the #PAVESummit in May!

PAVE Post – September 2018 Edition

It’s the September PAVE Post! Inside, check out new updates from the 2018 PARCC, DC schools that are making huge gains, and a deep-dive into the Learning Heroes resources you should know!

PAVE Post: Back to School 2018

It’s the Back to School PAVE Post! We’ve got you covered on everything you should know to get ready for a successful school year! Also inside, check out our favorite moments from PAVE Night at Nats Park!

PAVE Post Update: PARCC 2018

Want to know more about our 2018 PARCC results? Read our PAVE Post Update with everything you need to know about PARCC, DC’s performance, and where we still need to go to ensure ALL students are making gains!

Now Accepting Applications to the 2018-2019 PLE Boards

Are you ready to AMPLIFY your voice? Do you want to ELEVATE your leadership to move our schools forward? APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN to join a PLE Board for the 2018-2019 school year! It only takes a few minutes to apply! Apply by July 20th at

PAVE Post – July 2018 Edition

It’s a Special Edition July PAVE Post! Take a look back on your incredible accomplishments this year as our founding PLE Board members! Also inside, read Ward 5 PLE Board Member, Yvette Selby, share what this year meant to her!

We Stand Together to Keep Families Together – A Letter from Maya Martin

Let’s raise our voices, as one, to keep families together. Parents and children need our help – and whenever one of us needs help, we must all stand together.

If the work PAVE’s parent leaders have done these past two years on behalf of children and families in this city is any indication, we have extraordinary collective power to make change. We can all do something.

PAVE Post – June 2018 Edition

It’s the June PAVE Post! Check out all the sights and sounds from our 2nd Annual PAVE Parent Policy Summit!

Also inside, new PAVE parent leader Jael Anker-Lagos shares her experience connecting with fellow parent leaders at her first PAVE Summit!

PAVE Post Update: Parent-led Advocacy Earns Historic Increase in OST Funding

Your voice, leadership, and advocacy over the last year has led to $20.25 million in OST funding! That’s an increase of nearly $10.56 million!

These new dollars will help end the chronic underfunding of OST programs and ensure that students and families facing the greatest barriers will have more access to safe, enriching learning programs before school, after school, and in the summer!

PAVE Post Update – Second-Annual PAVE Parent Policy Summit Recap

Couldn’t be with us at the 2nd Annual PAVE Parent Policy Summit last weekend? We’ve got you covered! Check out the issues we’ll be AMPLIFYING this year based on what more than 100 parents voted for at the Summit!

PAVE Post Update – NAEP 101

What you’ve been waiting for – PAVE’s NAEP 101 guide to everything you need to know about America’s education report card, what the scores say, how DC performed, and what this means for the future of education in our city!


PAVE Post – May 2018 Edition

It’s the May PAVE Post! Check out highlights from our second All-Day PAVE Professional Learning Community (PLC) this spring!

Also inside, Ward 8 PAVE PLE Board Member Barbarann Mack writes about her experience at the first PAVE Parent Policy Summit and what she is excited for this year!

PAVE’s First Two Years – A Letter from Maya Martin

Two years ago this month, eight parent leaders joined Maya Martin and started an organization (PAVE) to reimagine our education system by amplifying parent voice – and the rest is history!

Read our letter from our Founder and Executive Director, Maya Martin, who is taking a moment this month to reflect on the incredible accomplishments of our parent leaders!

 PAVE Post – April 2018 Edition

It’s the April PAVE Post! Read how you can support the more than 800 parents and education advocates who have already told their councilmember #WeNeed25 for OST programs!

Also inside, Ward 1 PAVE PLE Board Member Christine Miller shares why parents make the best advocates for our schools!

PAVE Post Update – DC Parents Score Early Victory for Kids!

Parent leaders score a huge early victory for kids! Read our PAVE Post Update to learn more about Mayor Bowser’s historic investment in OST programs and what our parent leaders are doing now to ensure we reach $25 million this year! #WeNeed25#WhenParentsLeadKidsWin


PAVE Post – March 2018 Edition

It’s the March PAVE Post! See how YOU can make a difference for students across DC in just five minutes by sharing your #WeNeed25 story. Also inside, read Meaghan’s story of finding the answers to our education system’s most vexing questions by talking to fellow parents on the walks to and from school.

PAVE Post Update –  Tell Your Councilmember that #WeNeed25

If you believe that EVERY student should have access to high-quality and affordable before, after, and summer school programming, join the hundreds of DC students, families, and OST providers who are saying #WeNeed25 for OST Programs.

PAVE Post – February 2018 Edition

It’s the February PAVE Post! See highlights from the first-ever DC Parent Voice and Choice Week, which brought more than 60 members of PAVE’s PLE Boards to the Wilson Building to meet with ward-based councilmembers and citywide officials. Also inside, read how Ward 8 PLE Board Member Anise Walker is reimagining the way our education system listens to parent voice!


PAVE Post Update: DC Parent Voice and Choice Week

DC Parent Voice and Choice Week

January 21 – 27, 75 Washington, DC parents of DCPS and DC public charter school students will lead a series of breakfast and luncheon meetings with six ward councilmembers and four citywide officials to highlight DC Parent Voice and Choice Week. PAVE is launching DC Parent Voice and Choice Week to provide an opportunity for parents in DC to advocate for a stronger partnership between policymakers and families.

PAVE Post – January 2018 Edition

January PAVE Post

It’s the January PAVE Post! Read why #WeNeed25 million to fund Out of School Time (OST) Programs in DC and learn more about how you can join the movement! Also inside, read how Breakthrough Montessori Public Charter School and Ward 3 parent, Young Kim, found his balance between career and fatherhood.


Happy Holidays from PAVE

PAVE team

Happy holidays from the PAVE team! As we say goodbye to 2017, we are reflecting on the incredible progress we have made this year to change our education system through the power of parent voice! See how parent leaders made all the difference in 2017 – read our end-of-the-year message to our PAVE families and friends.

PAVE Post – December 2017 Edition

It’s the December PAVE Post! Check out highlights from the first Cross-Sector All-Day #PAVEPLC and our first “Building Stronger Boards” training session! Also inside, read Ward 4 PLE Board Member Cathaleen Skinner’s story of how her family fought for her daughters’ rights and how this has transformed her vision for education in DC.

See the full agenda for the event here, and see photos from the event here!

PAVE Post – November 2017 Edition

It’s the November PAVE Post! Check out what PAVE parent Tearsa Coates had to say about her experience at the Connecting Communities of Courage Summit with fellow PAVE parent Reggie Workman and PAVE’s Founder and Executive Director, Maya Martin. Also inside, read how Ward 8 PLE Board Member DaSean Jones uses his experience growing up in DC’s public education system to be a stronger advocate for his children.

PAVE Post Update: “Building Strong Boards: Elevating Parent Voices”

This fall and spring, Charter Board Partners and PAVE (Parents Amplifying Voices in Education) are partnering to host a series of trainings called “Building Strong Boards: Elevating Parent Voices” – an opportunity to provide school leaders, Board Chairs, and parent board members with information, support, resources, and training to amplify the role of parents on charter school boards.

PAVE Post – October 2017 Edition

It’s the October PAVE Post! Check out the highlights from the PAVE PLE Board Kickoff, which brought members from the Wards 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 PLE Boards together for the first time at City Arts & Prep! Also inside, read Ward 1 PAVE PLE Board Member Miriam Perlacio’s story of how she was motivated to become a parent leader after learning about the obstacles non-native English speaking families face when trying to access educational opportunities in our city.

PAVE Post Update: PAVE Parent Leaders in Education Boards are Announced

Eighty-two Washington, DC parents have been selected from across the city to shape and lead the PAVE PLE Boards that represent families in Wards 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. As founding members, parents, grandparents, and guardians from across DC will have full ownership over the priorities, organization, and implementation of these ward-based education boards.

PAVE Post – September 2017 Edition

It’s the September PAVE Post! Check out the highlights from OSSE’s fourth annual “Parent and Family Engagement Summit,” including reflections from PAVE’s Founder and Executive Director, Maya Martin, in the panel “The Key to Your Child’s Success – Your Involvement!” Also inside, read the story of how Ward 7 PAVE PLE Board Member Yolanda Corbett became an advocate for ALL children in the District by starting as an advocate for her son.

PAVE Post – August 2017 Edition

It’s the August PAVE Post! Check out highlights from the PAVE and Education Reform Now DC Ward 8 Back to School BBQ, an update on the Parent Leaders in Education Board interview process, and a special request from the PAVE team to help us reach our Launching Parent Leaders goal! Also inside, read Ward 7 resident and KIPP DC parent Veda Rasheed’s incredible story of how she found her voice as a community organizer and parent leader!

Support our Parent Leaders in the District!

PAVE’s work is carried out by a small staff and the incomparable parent leaders who are the greatest champions for this work – and the reason why PAVE exists. When it comes to amplifying parent voice, a small donation can make big changesWould you be willing to make a special summer donation of $20, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford to help us meet our goal and address a huge gap: the lack of parent voice in education policymaking?

PAVE Post Update: PARCC 101 and What You Need to Know

On Thursday, August 17, the city released the results of the 2016-17SY Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) at Watkins Elementary School in SE, a school that saw increases in both ELA and Math. So, what is the PARCC, how did our schools do, and what do the scores mean?

PAVE Post Breaking News – Mayor Announces New DCPS Teacher Contract & 5.9% Increase To UPSFF For ALL Schools

BREAKING NEWS: On Monday morning, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that the city has come to an agreement with the Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) over a new contract. This new funding will result in a 5.9% increase in FY18 (this school year) on the UPSFF that funds ALL of our public schools – charter and DCPS! #allinforkids

PAVE Post – July 2017 Edition

Interested in becoming a parent leader in your ward and a policy mover in the District? Check out this edition of the PAVE Post for more information about Parent Leaders in Education Boards! In addition, you can find more information about PAVE’s summer activities across the District.



PAVE Post – June 2017 Edition

It’s here! Check out all the highlights and incredible photos from the first annual PAVE Parent Policy Summit in this edition of the PAVE Post. Also inside, PAVE Board Member Joy Russell reflects on her journey from working in public policy to advocating on behalf on her child.



PAVE Post – Budget Update #3: Committee on Education Proposes Increase to UPSFF

Breaking News! Thanks to the advocacy of many of our city’s advocacy organizations, education leaders, and community members, including PAVE parent leaders like you, today, the Committee on Education proposed moving funds around in the budget to increase the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula (UPSFF) to 2.38%. If finalized by the DC Council, this increase would lock in a higher base funding level, providing schools with the funds they need not just this year, but in future years.

PAVE Post – Budget Update #2: Act Now to Fund Our Schools

“When the Mayor released her 2018 budget last month, it fell short of meeting the immediate needs of our schools.” Read our latest update on the status of the Mayor’s proposed budget, and make sure to act! Use the quick and helpful tool inside to send a message directly to your Ward’s Councilmember that you support a 3.5% increase in the UPSFF.


PAVE Post – April 2017 Edition

In this edition of the PAVE Post, we announce our first annual event, the “PAVE Parent Policy Summit,” which will convene parents with school leaders, elected officials, and education advocacy supporters to have an informed conversation about the very issues our PAVE parents have identified. Also inside, PAVE Board Member LaJoy Johnson-Law shares why she was motivated to join PAVE!


PAVE Post – Impact of the Proposed Budget on School Funding

“With the Mayor’s proposed budget, equitable school funding is headed in the right direction for DC’s students, but the funding still does not adequately meet the needs of all of our children and all of their schools.” Read our full letter to parents and supporters about the impact the Mayor’s proposed budget will have on school funding!


PAVE Post – DC’s Budget Process and School Funding

Learn more about DC’s budget process and how all of DC’s public schools – traditional and charter – receive funding by reading our latest PAVE Post Update! Also inside, helpful tips about how YOU can amplify your voice!



PAVE Post – Update on the Approved ESSA Plan

image credit

You can learn about how the ESSA Plan will increase accountability across DCPS and public charter schools in the District by reading our PAVE Post Update! Also inside, helpful tips about how YOU can get involved and amplify your voice!




PAVE Post – March 2017 Edition

In this edition of the PAVE POST, we celebrate the incredible work of the Ward 8 POST to release a first-of-its-kind Request for Proposals (RFP) – created, designed, and written by parents! Also inside, PAVE Board Member and Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair, Suzie Parsons, reflects on the importance of parent collaboration.


PAVE Post – February 2017 Edition

In this edition of the PAVE Post, see highlights from our National School Choice Week (NSCW) breakfast and luncheon series at the John A. Wilson Building. Also inside, PAVE Board Member and Ward 5 parent Cecily Miles Slater reflects on her journey back to DC from Los Angeles to find stronger schools for her children.


National School Choice Week (NSCW) Press Release

National School Choice Week (NSCW) is an annual, week-long event that spotlights the quality options available to meet the needs of every child – public traditional, public charter, magnet, private, parochial. In this edition of the PAVE Post, learn more about our National School Choice Week (NSCW) event series for January 2017.

PAVE Post – January 2017 Edition

In this edition of the PAVE Post, see highlights from My School DC EdFest 2016 and learn more about our event series to celebrate National School Choice Week (NSCW). Also inside, PAVE Board Vice Chair and Ward 1 parent Deanna Troust shares her positive experience with school choice in DC.


PAVE Post – December 2016 Edition

In this edition of the PAVE Post, see highlights from Twenty Years of Charter Schools, an event cohosted by the DC Public Charter School Board (PCSB). Also inside, PAVE Board Member, Ward 7 parent, and winner of the 2016 Parent Leadership Award, Erika Harrell, shares her path to PAVE.


Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a national day of giving celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. In this letter, learn more about supporting PAVE’s work to show the power and importance of parent voice in DC’s education policy.


PAVE Post – November 2016 Edition

In this edition of the PAVE Post, see highlights from our house meeting with Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau and State Board of Education Member Laura Wilson Phelan, and learn more about our event celebrating Twenty Years of Charter Schools, an event co-hosted by the DC Public Charter School Board. Also inside, PAVE Board Member and Ward 8 parent Lulu Talley reflects on the importance of school choice and empowered parents.


PAVE Post – October 2016 Edition

In the first edition of the PAVE Post, we introduce PAVE’s Founding Board and recap highlights from house meetings with Councilmember At-Large Robert White; Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd; Ward 7 Councilmember Vincent Gray; and Councilmember At-Large and Committee on Education Chairperson David Grosso. Also inside, Founder and Executive Director of PAVE Maya Martin shares the organization’s vision for DC’s education system, and PAVE Board Chair and Ward 8 parent Desiree Hoffman talks about being a parent leader with PAVE.